Managed IT Services

When you are running a business, there are two methodologies for managing your technology: The “Break/Fix” plan and the “Managed” plan.  The “Break/Fix plan is exactly how it sounds, you wait for something to stop working and then have it fixed.  With the “Managed” plan you have a monthly service charge based on how many computers and servers (or sometimes employees) you have and a Managed Service Provider (MSP) monitors and manages your technology for you and resolves your issues.  While the “Break/Fix” plan may sound more cost effective at first glance, a deeper look tells us it is more often much more expensive.  

Proactive Monitoring

More often than not, computer and network problems could have been prevented if the device had been professionally monitored and regularly serviced.

Budgetary Stability

With an MSP in your corner, you have regular meetings to discuss potential upcoming issues so they can be planned and budgeted for. You can keep your technology up to date and reduce your IT expenditures.

Disaster Recovery

When a disaster hits like a flood, fire, etc., how safe is your data? How quickly can you get back to business as usual? If you have a relationship with a MSP, they will have backups of all of your data and can get your technology back up and running quickly.

Expert Design

An MSP can evaluate your current technology and suggest improvements that will make your employees work more efficiently and save you money. With collaboration tools, remote connections and new technologies MSPs have the ability to implement the tools your employees need and train them for you.

Support When You Need It

Having a MSP means having a single source for technology support. With a call or email, your employees can get technical support from an application not opening to a printer not printing even training on needed software quickly and easily.

Big Picture

Never outgrow your technology. When you hire a MSP, they invest in your company. A good MSP will regularly evaluate your current and future business goals to make sure that your technology is ready to grow with you and not hold you back.

Request a no obligation quote and comprehensive technology evaluation today and a Solutions Architect will work with you to build a custom Managed Services plan to support your company now and into the future.