TekOps Telephone System

Enterprise-Level Business telephone system custom tailored to your business without the Enterprise-Level cost

A few years ago, if a business needed auto attendants to route calls, inter-office intercoms and digital quality calling, they would need to purchase thousands of dollars worth of equipment, pay thousands more to have it installed and then thousands more each year to maintain it.  Thankfully, not anymore.  Today you can have telephone feature you need without all the equipment costs starting at less than $25 per month.

TekOps Phone system is the affordable way to invest in your company’s telecommunications.  We offer all of the below features and guarantee 99.98% uptime.

We have local numbers in virtually every US city and toll free numbers available with 800, 888, 877, 866, 855 and soon 833 prefixes.  Custom (vanity) toll free numbers also available.  Call us today or click the link to reserve yours.