TekOps Protect

Complete 360° protection from the worst of the internet

TekOps’ proprietary protection system is one of the most wholistic systems on the market today.  It starts with antivirus, but viruses aren’t the only threat the internet has to offer.  Every day identity thieves, hackers and worse find new ways to get to your data, so our engineers spend every day finding new ways to stop them.   

Good antivirus is the most basic component of any protection plan.  Ours is great.  TekOps Protect updates its virus definitions in real time so it is always up to date.  Once our Antivirus software finds a threat, it automatically begins to neutralize and sanitize it while at the same time alerting our engineers of the problem.  We monitor the process from there and ensure that the threat is completely eliminated.  

The best way to keep viruses and intruders out of your system is to not let them in to start with.  That’s where TekOps Protect comes in.  Our containment system scans each and every file coming in to your system and automatically puts any unrecognized file in a virtual containment module isolating it from the rest of your computer, but still giving you access to it.  If you or the system decide the file is safe, it can be released quickly.  If not, it can be completely removed just as fast without ever having access to your computer.

The component that monitors critical operating system activities to protect the computer against malware actions. HIPS monitors and responds in real time so any malicious attacks from inside your computer or from the internet are stopped immediately 

TekOps Protect employs one of the most intelligent firewalls available today.  Not just stopping data from getting in, but scanning the data using Artificial Intelligence to determine its origin, its intention and its threat level.   

Valkyrie is a cloud-based file verdict service that subjects unknown files to a range of tests in order to identify those that are malicious. Once identified, the files are isolated (sandboxed) for further review and action.  A Service Desk ticket is automatically opened and our engineers evaluate Valkyrie’s findings and take appropriate action. 

VirusScope monitors the activities of processes running on your computer and alerts you if they take actions that could threaten your privacy or security. VirusScope also allows you to reverse the actions of software without blocking the software itself. This provides more flexibility over legitimate software which requires certain actions to be implemented in order to run correctly.  This provides more flexibility over legitimate software which requires certain actions to be implemented in order to run correctly.

TekOps doesn’t wait for threats to find our partners.  We actively search for them.  Our Threat Hunting protocols include inside our partner’s network and over the internet.  Once we find a new threat we take the necessary steps to protect all of our partners from it and share it with the CISA Cybersecurity Division.