Disaster Prevention and Recovery

In IT, a “Disaster-Level Event” can mean many things but they all have the same result: Your company grinds to a halt.  Having a plan in place is the best way to get it running again fast. 

The three aspects of any disaster are PLANNING, PREVENTION and RECOVERY.  TekOps helps with each of these with a comprehensive, wholistic package designed specifically for your business. 


Having a plan in place that incompasses all aspects of your IT environment is essential to prevent and recover from disaster-level events. TekOps has the tools and expertise to create and implement your disaster recovery plan to give you the piece of mind that


Most IT disaster events can be prevented by securing and monitoring all aspects of the IT environment. Disasters happen when bad-actors or component failure are not caught early and mitigated. TekOps monitors each component of your environment and mitigates issues as they occur preventing those issues from becoming disaster-level events.


Of course, there is no amount of prevention that can stop acts of God, fires, theft or even some virus no one saw coming that was created by bad-actors (sound familiar?). That's why TekOps creates backups of all critical data and stores it in 4 secure datacenters positions around the country and keeps replacement routers, switches, servers and workstations in stock at all times. When the worst happens, we can have your IT environment rebuilt and functioning like nothing ever happened in hours, not days.

 Think of it as an insurance policy for your information and technology. If a hurricane damaged your home, you have homeowner’s insurance, if someone hits your car, you have car insurance, if your IT environment suffers a failure or an attack, you have TekOps.