About TekOps

TekOps was founded in 2019 to fill the gap between large corporations and small/medium businesses in technology resources.  Large corporations spend billions each year to keep their data and IT environments safe, secure and protected.  TekOps believes all companies should have the same ability.  As a Managed Services Provider that specializes in Small/Medium Business, TekOps works every day to bring cloud computing, virtualization, redundant backups, enterprise-grade antivirus and world-class communications and productivity solutions to all businesses from 1 to 500 employees.

Our Locations

TekOps Offices

Our offices are located at 201 East Myrtle Street in Angleton, TX about 45 minutes south of Houston

TekOps Mailing Address

Our mailing address is PO Box 2487, Angleton, TX 77516

Data Center Location

Our primary datacenter is located just north of Dallas, TX. This is a type II  SOC II Tier 3 datacenter meaning that we can guarantee 99.982% availability. 

Data Center Location

Our secondary datacenter is located in Philadelphia, PA. This is a type II SOC II Tier 3 datacenter just like our primary datacenter with the same guaranteed 99.982% availability.

Data Center Location

Our backup datacenter is located in Las Vegas, NV. This is a type II SOC I Tier 2 datacenter with a guaranteed availability rating of 99.741%

Data Center Location

Our fourth datacenter is located in Centennial, CO and is a type II SCO I datacenter. Like our backup datacenter in Las Vegas, it has a guaranteed uptime of 99.741%

TekOps Leadership Team

James Whatley


Lyndsey Whatley

Chief Financial Officer

Bryan Williams

Director of Service and Support

TekOps Social Media Policy

While TekOps does not agree with much of the censorship and culture manipulation the occurs in Mainstream Social Media today, we do acknowledge that is it a mainstay in news and events and a primary source of information for many Americans.  TekOps utilizes Social Media to disseminate information to our followers and partners only. We do not advertise, provide support via or in any other way use these channels.

  It is possible that, in the future, TekOps will make the decision to stop posting on Social Media altogether, however that decision will be based on the values and beliefs of our leadership and the needs of our partners. Until that decision has been made, please follow us below to stay up to date on technology news, virus threats, scams and more.